Seasonal Notes

Bald Boy Art

Seasonal Notes

Key concepts and termonoloy that will persist throughout the season. More will be introduced as needed.

- Memories, objects, ideas that root you to a relatable time.

 (i.e. I remember doodling suns in the corner of my handwriting assignment in 2nd grade.)

Masks- Events, memories, people, or things that are introduced into lives and shape an individual. 

You imprint on the people in your life, you adapt to your surroundings, you develop opinions, interests, careers, role models, all of which masking the innocence you were born with. These effects are what make every individual unique, but also what creates distance. 

Aging- Inevitable development. With Neo-Vintage processes we can artificially "age" pieces. Another beautifully disineguine tool to gain control over nature. 

Natural- Existing in or caused by nature; not made or caused by humankind. Can nature be based on perspective? Paint chips off my brick wall for the same reasons bark sheds a tree trunk.

Foundation- The lowest load-bearing part of a building, typically below ground level. An underlying basis or principle. In principal, the foundation is supposed to create the structure ensuring the security of a building or person. It's very difficult to repair or replace.

Support- Bear all or part of the weight, or burden. Can lead to the success or downfall of a foundation.